Our Six Step Process

Vacuum – We always start off with pre-vacuuming. Being thorough here helps with the final results. We use the Oreck XL2000 commercial series upright. It is the lightest, most powerful upright in the industry. The high speed, double helix brush revolves at an awesome 6,500 rpm. It has 102 mph of airflow and delivers great carpet cleaning results. We recommend the Oreck vacuum to all of our customers here in Idaho Falls who may be looking to buy a new vacuum.

Pre-Spray – We use environmentally friendly carpet cleaning agents that have been tested and approved by the Green Seal of Approval and the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. The result is a longer lasting clean, healthier, and residue-free carpet. No Soaps, No Detergents, No Residue. “Procyon” is a non-toxic cleaner; which means it is absolutely safe for you kids and pets. Hot water and a cleaning agent are lightly sprayed onto the carpet to loosen and lift soil. This also sanitizes your carpets making them a healthy environment for your family and loved ones.

Agitation –After vacuuming and pre-spraying we use a special tool designed with two counter rotating soft brushes. When pushed back and forth over the carpet it suspends and breaks apart the deepest hidden soils. This step is a must for thorough cleaning. Don’t confuse this with rotary wands or the heavy commercial scrubbers that are extremely rough on your residential carpet. These may cause the seams of your carpet to loosen and tear. Also, no one likes the carpet cleaner that beats up your baseboards. We use a scrubber to loosen and lift dirt and soil to the surface and we are very careful not to put scuffs on your baseboards.

Edges and Corners – Have you ever noticed how dirty the edges of your carpet are? Over time this area acts like a filter capturing dirt and debris, vacuuming usually misses this. We use a tool made just for cleaning these areas next to the wall and baseboards. We never skip this step like some of our competitors. Even if your edges and corners look clean we always go over them at no extra charge. It is amazing how much pet hair and sand particles are on the edges of carpet that you don’t see.  Even if you can’t see it we still suck it away so you will have the cleanest home possible.

Hot water steam extraction –  The Prochem Performer 405 and the Butler truck mount cleaning systems are the best truck mounted carpet cleaning machines available. These systems are designed to thoroughly flush all remaining foreign contaminates out of your carpet. It will leave your carpet residue free, softer and much drier than other steam cleaning methods. Powerful suction extracts the deep-down dirt, cleaning solution, and moisture.  No soapy residue is left behind …just clean, fresh smelling carpet. Ask our competitors how many horse power there machine is? Ours are 46 horsepower which means more suction and more heat and the best cleaning your carpets have ever had.

Raking – With a special carpet rake we rejuvenate the nap in your carpet making it look like new. Our competitors charge extra for this service or have it as part of their premium service package. We give our premium carpet cleaning service at every job. Here in Idaho Falls we do it for less than our competitor’s basic service price. We live up to our name “Best Price & Service Carpet Cleaning” Call today to schedule an appointment –  you will not be disappointed.

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